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No matter how you got here, you just need someone to back you up now, and no one is prepared for an IRS notification such as an Irs Cp 504. Contact our Orlando,FL Office today for a free tax debt relief consultation. Yup that’s right we offer free tax advice!

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Our Orlando Tax attorneys are professionals who help individuals and businesses comply with the rules of tax law. They may represent clients in court or negotiate with other government agencies.A tax attorney may also work in a law firm. The field of tax law can be extremely challenging, so it is important to have a good understanding of the tax code.

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Best Local Law Firm Award

Best Local Law Firm Award

Best Local Law Firm Award

Best Local Law Firm Award

Best Local Law Firm Award

Best Local Law Firm Award

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Tax Relief

Are you struggling with tax problems in Orlando? Look no further than an IRS tax relief attorney to help you navigate through your financial troubles. With their expertise and knowledge of tax laws, an Orlando IRS tax relief attorney can provide you with the guidance and support you need to find a resolution to your tax issues.

Tax Court

Are you caught in a tax dispute in Orlando? Dealing with complex tax laws and disputes can be overwhelming, but don't worry – help is at hand.

IRS Offer In Compromise

Struggling with tax debt can be overwhelming and financially crippling. If you find yourself facing a mountain of tax obligations in Orlando, you'll be relieved to know that help may be available.

Tax Defense

In today's complex financial landscape, individuals and businesses need to navigate the intricacies of tax laws with utmost care. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen, and accusations of tax fraud can have severe consequences. Whether you find yourself under investigation or facing charges, hiring a tax fraud defense lawyer in Orlando is crucial to protecting your future.

Wage Garnishment

Are you facing wage garnishment in Orlando and worried about losing your hard-earned money? Don't panic - there's help available.

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I had over $10,000 in tax debt , they helped me settle for less than half!

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Im glad I used this company, they are the best!

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They really take their time with you and help you understand the process, Thank you guys!

Steph Rogers
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