800-829-0922 is the toll free number for the IRS. The extension is 8 digits and it is for general inquiry or help. This is also the main number for filing federal tax returns. Do not dial this number if you are enquiring about the status of your tax returns. You can report problems to the concerned agency instead. Another reason to dial the toll free number is when you need to talk to someone in the tax department. The people there can give you important information. You can find the address of the tax authority, if you have any problems with the tax return. You can also ask for advice about the tax return. This is the main function that the 800-8 2922 serves.

why call 800-829-0922

You can also talk to a person in the tax department, if you are filing your own tax return. There are many tax professionals and agents who can help you with the preparation of your tax return. They can advise you on various issues that may arise. You need to remember that these people work for the government and they are mandated to give advice on the proper tax laws of the country. If you have a tax problem, you should report the same to the concerned authorities. If not, things can get complicated and you may end up in legal trouble. To avoid such a situation, it is better to keep yourself abreast with all the rules and regulations regarding taxes. Do not forget to report all your income and expenses to the authorities. You can call the IRS on toll free number, if you want to talk to a live person.

There is no need to worry if you cannot reach anyone at the tax office on the weekends. You can always call the IRS extension service and talk to a person in their extension numbers. The representative may be able to help you out. You will have to give your details and some basic information, like your last name, locality and state. It is important to mention the nature of your problem too, so that the IRS agent can understand what you are talking about. Many problems occur due to lack of knowledge about tax laws. If you can fill in the tax form correctly and accurately, then there is no problem. Otherwise, the IRS would charge extra tax due on the wrong forms. If you have any tax problems, then you should consult a tax professional. Do not be embarrassed to ask for help. If you can discuss your problem with a trustworthy tax expert, then solving the problem is not a big problem at all.

Other IRS Phone Numbers: 800 829 7650

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