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The IRS works with private debt collection agencies such as 844-853-4875 that work to collect payments from taxpayers who have overdue tax bills, often in violation of federal and state law. They may also call from 8448534875.This page contains frequently asked questions about this program, as well as links to information about the IRS tax collection program. This agency helps taxpayers pay their tax debts to their local, state, and federal tax collection agencies. Congress has passed a law requiring private debt collectors (PCAs) to use the same accounting services as the IRS. The deceased’s account is not transferred to a private collection agency. This authority helps collect certain overdue tax returns. For immediate assistance with tax relief click the “call now button” on this page.

How Does 844-853-4875 & The IRS Communicate

Once you have received the CP40 notification, 8448534875 conserv will send you a letter confirming the assignment of your unpaid tax liability. The PCa will not contact you by phone to send you a confirmation, but by postal mail. Once the letter has been sent, you can call the PCA to help with the termination of your account, explain your payment options and help you choose the best one for you. When you receive this call, the IRS Private Collection Agency (PCA) will send you a letter from the U.S. Tax Office (IRS) office in Washington, D.C. This number is used by the PCA to verify your identity and can be used to confirm the identity of the PCA. Keep the letter in a safe place for future reference and keep it in the same place as the email. Private debt collectors cannot take foreclosure action to recover your debt. However, the IRS has the power to collect federal tax liabilities and levies on overdue accounts. If you do not wish to work with a private debt collection agency to pay taxes due, you can make an application to the PCA by writing to it. Nor are accounts of the deceased assigned to private debt collection agencies. If you need help relieving your tax debt contact us.

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