Collection Agencies

List of Collection Agencies

Here’s a list of collection agencies that the IRS works with. These agencies may have contacted you and requested a payment.

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Performant Recovery

Performant Recovery is a third party collection agency that works with government and commercial organizations. They help companies identify and collect inactive tax receivables and other financial obligations. Their services are available throughout the United States. They also handle debt collections for student loans and medical bills. The company is based in California but also has offices in Texas, Oregon, and Florida.

Once a taxpayer agrees to performant recovery’s services, they will receive a letter from the agency confirming assignment of their unpaid tax liability. They will never contact the taxpayer by phone, but they can call a PCA who can discuss their payment options and help the taxpayer make the right choice. Once a taxpayer receives a letter from the PCA, the IRS will send a letter from its Washington, D.C. office, identifying them by letter number and other information.

CBE Group

CBE Group has been collecting IRS debts for the last several years. Along with ConServe, it has recently added Coast Professional, Inc., which recently released a press release about its addition to the collection program. While CBE Group and ConServe have been involved with IRS debt collection since 2016, Coast Professional has only recently joined the collection team. The IRS had previously cancelled its debt collection program due to cost overruns, lack of collection, and a lack of revenue.

The IRS uses private debt collectors to pursue long-overdue federal tax debts. These companies are contracted by the IRS to respect taxpayer rights and comply with Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The IRS will also review any complaints filed by taxpayers about the performance of these companies.

ConServe Accounts Receivable Management

ConServe is an accounts receivable management company located in Fairport, NY. Its services include skip-trading, account scoring, full collections, payment services, performance management, and recovery services. Recently, it was selected by the Internal Revenue Service as one of four contractors for unpaid federal tax debts. Its website is updated and offers additional information about its services and capabilities.

The Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, a five-year, $305 billion infrastructure bill passed by Congress, contained provisions for spending up to $205 billion on highways and transit projects. The bill also mandated the IRS to use private collection agencies to collect outstanding federal tax debt. Some of these firms include ConServe, CBE, Pioneer, and Performant.

Tax amnesty

The voluntary disclosure initiative was announced in late March, but the IRS has extended it to October 15 due to a rush of people coming forward. Those who turn themselves in under the voluntary disclosure program face reduced fines and immunity from criminal prosecution. However, tax evaders must still pay back taxes, interest, and 20 percent of the highest account balance. So far, more than 3,000 people have come forward.

While this is a positive step for the IRS, the process is not without its problems. It is crucial that taxpayers file their returns on time to avoid penalties. Many “taxpayers” have gotten smarter and are waiting until the ten-year statute of limitations has expired before contacting the IRS. That is why the IRS has chosen to hire private collection agencies to collect past-due taxes. The agencies selected by the IRS included Pioneer Credit Recovery, Navient, and the CBE Group.

Contacts with taxpayers

In the Fiscal Year 2011 there were a record number of disasters, including Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The IRS focuses on disaster relief by providing financial assistance through various methods, including administrative tax relief. Stakeholder meetings and newsletters targeted at payroll providers are examples of these efforts.

Collection practices

Performant Recovery is a large third-party collection agency based in California. It also has offices in Texas, Oregon, and Florida. It has extensive experience pursuing delinquent and unpaid assets, including medical bills, student loans, and government debt. The company is licensed in various states and has offices throughout the country.

The first step in the collection process involves contacting you about your tax liability. This will usually take the form of phone calls or mailings. After you receive this notice, the performant will most likely proceed with collections by sending out further demands for payment.

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