Free Tax Advice

Free Tax Advice

Free Tax Advice

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to get free tax advice and if so how do you go about getting it. Recently I read a blog post by Thomas Lennon, he states that all the top lawyers are now using a specialized website to offer free tax advice to clients. The problem with this, he claims is that most of these top lawyers only use the top website to give out their advice. What is he saying, and who are these people, and where can I find these top tax experts? He states, “This is not a surprise, given the number of taxpayers filing more than one tax return this year.” Also, with the huge number of taxpayers filing their returns, there will be a need for a high number of qualified tax attorneys. Also, the government is offering tax relief programs for some of the items not normally available as tax deductions, such as interest and dividends, which are considered income for the taxpayer. Most people would agree that these programs are beneficial to the majority of taxpayers in my opinion, and given the high number of people filing their returns this year, it is hard to imagine why we are not getting the type of help we need. I propose using free tax advice and state and local tax clinics, as well as contacting us by phone at: 877-673-0943.

There are many ways that people are finding free tax help, and one option is to get IRS-approved volunteers to help with their taxes. This tax help comes in the form of community volunteers who work with the local community in answering IRS tax questions and filing returns on behalf of their clients. Most volunteers are very busy working with communities and other nonprofits, so they don’t have time to give IRS-approved help every day. But some do have the time to meet with their local clients to make sure that their clients’ concerns are heard. Most also sign an oath of confidentiality when they volunteer their services to help taxpayers with their taxes. Other ways that you can get free tax advice or free tax preparation advice are through state and local programs, including state and local volunteer income tax assistance programs. This type of assistance comes from volunteer organizations that have received IRS approval to help. It is up to the taxpayers to check the credentials of any IRS-approved volunteer programs, and be sure that their programs to fit the needs of their particular situation.

Finding Free Tax Advice Locally

You might also want to consider contacting your local state or local bar association to see if any low income earners are qualified for tax credit programs. These programs are available for people with low incomes and serve as a nice safety net for people who may otherwise be struggling to pay their taxes. Many states have limited programs but qualifying for some of these programs is possible. For example, in some states, low-income earners may be able to qualify for Earned Income Credit (EIC), which allows you to have tax credits for some of your out-of-pocket expenses. In many cases, the amount of money you can receive depends on how much you make. In addition, some states offer deductions for filing joint tax returns, so if you have more than one tax return, it may also attract a lower EIC rate. Many people find that they can get free filing and state returns by working with a professional tax preparation and filing organization. In some states, there are non-profit organizations that offer free filing and state tax services, and may serve as a source for other services. These may include filing state returns, or offering assistance with filing federal state returns. These professional tax preparation organizations often offer free state filing consultations.

One other way to obtain free tax advice or assistance is through a tax-aide program. A tax-aide program is run by a professional tax preparer and provides free tax advice and assistance to low income earners. However, not all tax-aide programs are created equal. Some tax-aide programs only help lower income earners, while others may offer free tax advice and other financial assistance. Some people may be able to pay a bit to receive tax help and advice. For example, some volunteer organizations offer free tax help and guidance to certain volunteer groups. In some cases, people may need assistance in preparing their federal and state income tax returns, or they may simply need help completing the paperwork associated with their filing. Free tax advice and assistance are usually offered by organizations that have a good history of helping low-income families and individuals prepare their own taxes. You should seek out these organizations when you need help with filing your taxes.

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