How Far Back Can The Irs Go For Unfiled Taxes

How Far Back Can The Irs Go For Unfiled Taxes

How Far Back Can The Irs Go For Unfiled Taxes

If you owe money to the IRS, you may be wondering how far back can the IRS go to for unfiled taxes. The Internal Revenue Service has an interesting rule for the times when it wants to dig into your past. It will not have much luck looking back at the 1970’s, unless you are willing to give them all your old records. If you were a college student who did not file any tax returns and paid no money in taxes that period, the IRS will not have a whole lot of luck digging into those old records. If you are asking how far back can the IRS go to find unpaid taxes from your past, you should know that it will not be easy for them to go back too far. You probably spent most of your adult life working and paying taxes so you are very familiar with the IRS rules and how they work. However, the IRS is not so familiar with your personal history. They don’t know how many checks you write in a day or where you live most of the time.

In many cases they have to use your personal information to try to piece together how many years you lived beyond what you told them on your application for social security. That is because the Social Security Administration does not keep track of past financial records. They just know your income and how you got that money. When you are trying to find out how far back can the IRS go for unfiled taxes, they will still have some success to begin with. That is because they will want to get an idea of how much of a liability you might be for the back taxes. Then they will want to look at all of the other assets that you own to see if they will provide any kind of tax relief. They will also want to determine how much of your future income can be used to settle those debts and come up with a reasonable amount for you.

How Far Back Can The Irs Go For My Unfiled Taxes / Returns

The IRS will only go as far as your records will let them. It can dig as far back as nineteen years when they have some suspicion that you might have evaded taxes by hiding money in your past. If they find that, you might be in for a hard time. They can even go as far back as twenty-five years if they feel like you are trying to pull one over on them. If you have a large amount of uncollected debt, it will help your case if you can prove that you had some money in the past. You will need to show the court and the IRS some documentation that will corroborate your financial statements. This is going to be your proof that you were not able to file your taxes because of some financial misstep. Your records will help the judge and the IRS arrive at a fair conclusion. They know that if there was any reason to doubt your records, they will need to look at the past. They cannot go back, how far back they can go for unfiled federal income taxes because of privacy laws. If you need assistance with unpaid taxes call us today.

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