If My Husband Owes Taxes Do They Come After Me

If My Husband Owes Taxes Do They Come After Me

if my husband owes taxes do they come after me

If my husband has an overdue tax bill and owes taxes, then the question is what will happen to me if my husband owes taxes will i be held responsible. Can you file for bankruptcy and have him financially ruined? What if you did not know that he had an outstanding tax bill and he got behind on it and started defaulting? There are many ways that the answer to these questions can vary. So it is up to you to find out what will happen if your husband has an overdue tax bill and what will happen if they don’t pay it. Most likely if you received a notice from the IRS that they have placed a lien against your husband’s tax account then you do not have much to worry about. The IRS is only able to place a lien if there is an outstanding tax bill. If there is nothing filed, then they cannot place a tax lien. Many people have a tax return and when they forget to file their return and they don’t pay the government, they are hit with a notice from the IRS stating that they owe an overdue tax payment. This often times does not result in a bill being filed, as tax returns do not include information about past due taxes.

if my husband owes taxes do they come after me? It Depends

If you do not owe any money at all, then the IRS cannot place a tax lien against your car or other property. However if you do owe back taxes or you want to collect them, then you are going to need to take action. There are ways that you can collect the debt if you have a tax bill. You can file for bankruptcy, which will wipe out most, if not all, debt but this is not always the best choice for individuals who have many debts. There are other options to consider if you owe a tax bill and you want to pay it off quickly. One of those options is debt settlement. Settling the debt means that you and the IRS will come to an agreement where you pay less than the full amount of the debt and the IRS will also write off some of your other debts.

To settle the debt, I would take the cash I had and use it to pay the debt as soon as possible. It is best to settle the debt for less than the full amount because you are also paying the IRS off. When you receive your money, I would advise you to pay the bill on time. It is very easy to let a debt go by and then not pay it. This will cause the interest to build up and you will be further in debt. If you can pay the bill on time every single month, then you will lower your debt down faster. I would still file my taxes even if I was in debt. Taxes are what cover any debt that you have. If you owe a debt to the IRS, then they are the ones that will be looking to collect it. When people have a tax lien against their house or property, the IRS can auction it and if they don’t pay the debt off, they can place a tax lien against your house. When people have a tax lien placed against their property, the bank can sell the property to recoup the debt that was owed. The point is, it is better to pay off the debt now before someone places a tax lien against your home. If Performant Recovery,Pioneer Credit Recovery or Coast Professional has contacted you about your husbands debt contact us.

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