Tax Audit Representation

Tax Audit Representation

Tax Audit Representation

Tax audit representation, also known as internal audit defense, is basically a free service where a qualified tax or legal specialist stands on behalf of a taxpayer during an Internal Revenue Service or other state tax audit. These tax attorneys represent the client at all times and work to ensure the client’s rights are protected throughout the investigation and hearing process. In some cases, taxpayers will decide to represent themselves at these proceedings, but it is strongly recommended that they hire a tax attorney to handle their case. These tax attorneys are experienced in representing clients throughout the audit process as well as in court and will advise their clients on the importance of properly preparing and answering all of the IRS’ questions. Taxpayers who wish to hire a tax representative need to fill out a Free Application for IRS Certification, also known as the FAFSA. Once the application is received by the IRS, it is reviewed by a specially trained IRS auditor. The auditor then determines if the client’s tax bill is accurate according to the guidelines set forth by the Internal Revenue Code. If the audit determines that the client’s tax bill is inaccurate, the audit representative will inform the taxpayer in writing, explaining what inaccurate information he has found and offering options to correct the tax liability.

relief with tax audit representation 

Audits can be very intimidating to taxpayers, and many people simply choose to go on with their taxes without any representation at all. However, in recent years, many individuals have decided to represent themselves at their own tax audits. Although most audits are not done based solely on negligence, an audit may be a chance for a client to prove his or her innocence. In fact, most tax audits are caused by errors on the federal tax forms themselves, which can be easily corrected. Therefore, a taxpayer should not hesitate to hire an attorney if he or she feels that he or she may need one. In order to make sure that the audit case is handled properly by his or her chosen tax attorney, a taxpayer needs to ask the attorney to offer a detailed tax audit representation. An experienced tax attorney will know whether or not to offer any representation at all and will not recommend any particular action. In most cases, attorneys will simply advise the taxpayer of the audit results and offer advice on how to fix the issues that were highlighted by the audited tax documents.

In some instances, the audit team will send a representative to review the federal tax forms and look for errors or other inconsistencies. This is often done before the audit team even presents its recommendation to the IRS. While reviewing the tax documents, the representative will inform the taxpayer of any problems that he or she is able to fix, and will offer suggestions as to how the IRS could improve its processes or make its calculations more accurate. If these improvements would result in any significant monetary savings for the taxpayer, the attorney may also offer to negotiate a settlement with the IRS in order to get these changes. If the audit recommendations do not result in any savings, then the representation provided by the attorney will not be helpful. All taxpayers have different circumstances, which may cause them to be audited. The best way for anyone to handle an audit is to be proactive in addressing any issues that may arise. A tax attorney can make this task much easier for someone already audited. By doing so, the audit case can be completed much sooner, and the taxpayer’s refund will generally be in a much larger amount, since the audit will not negatively affect a refund extension request. Because tax law is complex, it is in everyone’s best interest to hire a tax lawyer when audited, as this legal representation can ensure that the audit is resolved in a timely and effective manner, and that the resulting tax liabilities are properly corrected.

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