What Happens If You Don't Pay State Taxes

What Happens If You Don’t Pay State Taxes

What Happens If You Don't Pay State Taxes

When it comes to what happens if you don’t pay state taxes, many wonder what happens if their property is seized. State seizures of property are a controversial subject and there is no simple answer. Each case in particular is handled differently by the courts. If a seizure occurs, you will need to know what happens to your home and what is being done with the property. One of the first things that can happen is that your property will be sold at auction. The tax sale will determine the highest bidder for your property. If no one bids on your property within a specified time, then it will go to the lowest bidder. At the end of the auction you will have to either sign over the property or be removed from the premises. It is not uncommon for homes to be seized and sold at huge profits to individuals who bid low or have friends who will pay off the delinquent taxes with them. There are various types of tax sales available. You can have your property seized and sold without having to go through the legal system. In this instance you would just need to appear at court and sign over the deed to your property. In most cases you would still owe the money. If you are in default on your tax bill, the court can issue an order for you to pay it or allow it to be levied against you.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay State Taxes And Will They Come After My Property

Another option is to have the property auctioned off. If this happens you will have to find a buyer or be prepared to close on the property. If you plan on using a real estate agent to sell your property, he or she will likely use the tax sale as a selling point and try to get you to buy by telling you about all of the benefits that you stand to gain if you take out a tax sale. Of course if you do not own the property but you have an interest in it there are also methods of avoiding the payment of state taxes. For one thing, many owners of small commercial property are able to qualify for a tax loan which is provided by the state or county in which they live. If the owner makes no other efforts to collect the tax then the county will issue a lien on the property. Should the owner not make payment within a certain time then the tax collector will be allowed to auction the property and sell it to recover the deficiency. These are all options that you may wish to discuss with a real estate agent so that you can determine what method will work best for you. No matter what happens if you don’t pay state taxes, the consequences can be quite severe. If you are able to pay it then you should do so without further delay. Otherwise you may find yourself in a worse financial situation than when you started.

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