Who Do I Call About A Tax Levy?

Who Do i Call About A Tax Levy?

Who Do I Call About A Tax Levy?

When is it time to make that important phone call to a tax professional with questions about back taxes? One of the most common questions taxpayers have is, who do I call about a tax levy?” It doesn’t matter what type of tax levy you are dealing with. The time it takes to resolve a tax matter depends on the circumstances of your situation and what state laws say. Generally speaking, the longer it takes for a tax levy to be processed the longer you will have to pay back the money you owe. Some bank levies can be resolved in as little as one year. The IRS will send you a notice of the resolution. In some cases the IRS will send you a notice saying your tax debt has been paid in full. No matter the case, you will have to wait at least 21 days from the date of the notice before you are able to begin to pay the money you owe to the IRS.

Who Do I Call About A Tax Levy? A Tax Relief Specialist 

If you don’t know when you might have to start paying back taxes, the best course of action is to consult with a professional tax professional as soon as possible. Don’t attempt to resolve your problem alone. The IRS is not easy to deal with and the more you wait the longer it will be before you can claim payment from them. If you are trying to resolve an outstanding tax bill with the IRS take the help of a professional as quickly as possible. A professional can help you get the best possible resolution to your tax issues. There are many reasons why you may be involved with back taxes. Some of these reasons include property taxes, vehicle liens and federal income taxes. If you are faced with back taxes the best thing to do is consult with a tax professional. A professional will help you decide if there are any other options available to you other than requesting for a levy. If a levy has already been implemented, it is possible to get it dismissed.

The IRS has several methods to enforcing tax debts including attachment of property, garnishing wages, Bank levies and civil law suits. In instances where you have filed bankruptcy or you have agreed to a settlement with the IRS, you may not be allowed to ask for a refund or you may be granted relief from your debts. If you were not given the opportunity to settle your tax debt in a settlement through the IRS you may still qualify for a Bank levy release. Taxpayers who are involved with back taxes that they believe are being executed against them in a wrongful manner should immediately contact a tax expert. An expert can advise the taxpayer on his/her options. It is possible to ask the court to stop the implementation of the lien by declaring the levy illegal. In this case the taxpayer can ask for a refund or ask for a hearing to get the issue resolved.

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